Esiolo was set up in 2021 as a part of an E4Impact project to build drought resilience in Isiolo county (DRIC). It consists of 13 groups from various wards in Isiolo namely Bulapesa, Burat, Wabera, Merti, Kina, and Oldonyiro. The groups each sell a selection of products that range from camel milk, livestock (goat, camel, cows) horticultural products, Nyirnyir, fodder, poultry, and honey. Collectively, the groups in the co-op have over 400 members.

As part of the DRIC project, an online marketplace was created where the co-op members can now sell their products. They also all have their own individual online shops.

The groups that make up the co-op are; Nasole Sacco, Merti, Oldinyiro SACCO, Rural Women’s Access, Tawakwal Co-operative, Wiyukiririe, Bidii farmers, Kitos, Kambi Ya Juu, Galesa women, Anolei Co-operative, and Jua Kali Nyirnyir.